Novelty Mugs

Fancy a cuppa? Of course you do. Everyone needs something to dunk their biscuit into. Wow Tastic has a great selection of marvellous mugs to wrap your hands around. Mugs are a great gift to give and receive for anyone and everyone. Wow Tastic has got a fabulous range of character mugs. Lots of your favourites are right here. There's just so many to choose from. Find the hero inside you with Superman, Wonder Women or Doctor Who. Bring back your favourite cartoon memories with Dandy, Dennis the Menace, Paddington Bear or Thunderbirds. Maybe Michael Fish could make your day that little bit brighter? Everyone has a favourite Mr Men or Little Miss and now you can enjoy yours on a Mug. The Mr Men and Little Miss mugs are great gifts for friends, family and loved ones and you can find one to suit everybody. There's a Mr Grumpy Mug or Mr Lazy Mug, perfect for the grumpy old man you know, or an idle friend. Maybe you know a Little Miss Giggles or Little Miss Chatterbox and we all know a Little Miss Naughty. Need something new for the office? Personalised mugs are great! MyCuppa Tea or MyCuppa Coffee is perfect to getting your drink just right. Do you love spread sheets? Of course you do! Everybody does (and they're lying if they say they don't). Well now you can share this love with the world with the I Love Spread sheets Mug. Scared that someone at work is going to pinch your mug, then Plug it! Maybe you're just Plain Lazy and need a mug that will stir it for you at the touch of a button, well we've got one of those as well! Our eco-friendly mugs are brilliant. If you are up for saving the world one polystyrene cup at a time then look no further. The 'Not a Paper Cup' Cup and Eco Cup is great for this. Also have a look at the CO2 Mug. Tea for someone a bit more refined? Then have your tea in style with a Ceramic Martini Mug. Or are you just a slob? Never fear we have got something for you too, a Dirty Mug! Maybe you just want a cuddle? So get your hands wrapped around a nice warm cup of cocoa in our Hug Mug. You'd be a Mug not to get one!! (Sorry, I know its bad but I couldn't resist!).
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