Novelty Inflatable Toys

There's so much fun to be had with Inflatables, the novelty that's as light as air. Inflatables can be blown up to enormous sizes then deflated to be stored away into a tiny space. Everyone loves inflatables, and there's an inflatable something for every situation. At Wow Tastic we love inflatables. If you can blow it up, we have it! He ain't heavy... he's your inflatable Man. Need a life free from tyranny, strife and pain? Wow Tastic has the answer for you. An Inflatable Husband or Inflatable Wife. He's totally faithful, doesn't upset your parents and never breaks wind. She won't spend your money, won't crash your car and will be silent all of the time. Peace at last! Looking for a new hair do? There no need to go to the hairdressers. Wow Tastic got some sensational styles for this season were the motto is: The Bigger The Better. Try out a blonde bombshell of a Beehive, make sure you stand out from the crowd with a mad Mohican or give it some serious attitude with the Rock 'n' Roll Quiff. Fancy going bowling but don't fancy the trip out to the alleys? Then grab a Inflatable 10 Pin Bowling kit, blow it up and off you go. Inflatables are great fun at parties. Why not have themed beach party with a Crocodile, Beach Ball, a Dolphin, Palm trees (there's even one you can cool your beer in) or add an inflatable a Giant Birthday Cake to celebrate birthdays. Want to add some swing to your party? Then try these inflatable Saxophones and Air Guitars, you'll be rocking and rolling all night long. On a night out with the lads? Grab your England Hat, Champagne Bottle, inflatable sheep and off you go! Is age creeping up on a friend? They'll give you some stick (geddit?) for buying them a inflatable Walking Stick or Zimmer frame to keep them feeling youthful.
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