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Are you a little bit mischievous? A prankster at heart? With a wacky sense of humour? Wow Tastic has a bundle of Practical Jokes to offer. Practical Jokes are a classic form of humour, endlessly entertaining to the prankster and bystanders, and requiring a good sense of humour if you end up as the butt of the joke! If your friends taking have annoying habits and just won't listened to reason, then grab their attention by issuing them a spoof ASBO. These novelty Anti Social Behaviour Orders might just be the reminder they need to improve their manners and change their habits! Pick an appropriate ASBO to start spreading the mischief: Spoof ASBO: Sexually Demanding, Farting, Disgracing yourself, Awful Taste in Music or just Write Your Own. As well as modern joke ideas, we also have a great range of old school practical jokes. Who doesn't remember walking down the corridor at school and suddenly... YUCK!! Stink Bomb! Sitting down in class and Bbbpppp! Yes indeed, Whoopee Cushions really were endlessly entertaining and guaranteed to get everyone laughing. If you want to relive those classic jokes, then we've got them all, from Snappy Joke Gum and Itching Powder to Disappearing Ink. In addition to the old school classics we're got plenty of fake novelties, perfect for positioning to cause maximum shock value. Joke Cockroach, Joke Ice Cubes (with flies inside) and Joke Cigarette Burn will all cause a double take. Make Dad go all red in the face with some Joke Hot Sweets, a Joke Car Scratch or a Joke Parking ticket. Freak your sister out with a Fake Horrible finger or a Squirting Flower. For those of you who consider poo and fart jokes to be the ultimate in entertainment, we've got everything to kit out the relentless practical joker with Fake Poo, a Fart Whistle, Fart Gas Spray or a Remote Control Fart Machine. If you're not an everyday practical joker, keep us in mind for April Fools Day stock up for a fun day of pranks.
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